Helping you to help yourself

The following guides have been written to help you with problems you may have with accessing or using our website.
As with all guides it’s a good idea to read through all the steps to find out what to expect before starting the process – printing out the guide is also very helpful if not essential.
If followed with care they should allow you to solve your problems by yourself.

If, however, you find this not to be the case you will need to look for help.
Try to find someone with a bit more confidence and experience to sit down with you to help. It might be a work colleague, a fellow Rambler who lives nearby, a family member, a neighbour or neighbour’s child, your local Age Action group, a transition year student from a nearby school, a computer user in your local library – the list is nearly endless.

In particular, if you haven’t been able to do it yourself, ask your helper to use these guides to make sure that your password is saved and the Members Area has been bookmarked. This will make access to the Members Area a simple matter of two clicks.
You can learn how to do this by following the steps given in this link Click, click – login quick

Other guides

Having problems logging in ? Have a look at this link to Logging in – common errors – sharing a computer

Not sure which browser you are using ? This link to What browser am I using ? will help. And this link to  What is a browser ?   will tell you if you don’t already know. It will also explain about tabs

What is meant by saving your password ?

This link to Changing your password  will help you to change your password and save it for future use.

With your password saved it is time to consider Bookmarking the Members Area page

All members need to be able to get to the Members Area to download The Rambler. Here is a guide to Accessing the Members Area and The Rambler.

Like The Rambler these guides are all in PDF form. It’s useful to know how to go about Printing and Saving from your PDF viewer

This guide to Finding your way around the website will help you to start exploring it.

Caching and refreshing pages is explained in Refreshing a page which has been cached

Here you will find some reasons why you might be missing emails

If you move house, change your name or get a new email address you need to know how to update your details

If, despite your best efforts, problems remain use this contact form to report the issue. You will need to provide a contact phone number as well as some details of the browser you are using (see above) and where in the guide you are having a problem.
It can also be helpful to include an image – use this brief guide to emailing a screenshot

The more information you can supply the quicker it will be to come up with a solution to your difficulties.

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