Contacting a club officer or committee member

Below you will find a contact form which will allow you to make initial contact with the correct person for any query that you may have. After the person has responded you will be able to continue a normal email conversation and at this stage you can include any attachments you may wish to send.

Membership queries

If you have a query about your associate membership contact the Associate Membership Secretary or, if it’s about training/Mountain Skills, the Training Officer

Otherwise if you are a full member contact the Membership Secretary


If you have found, or think you have found, a problem with the website itself send your message to the Webmaster who should also be contacted about possible items for the Message Board – any such item should contain: a short [4/5 line] summary of what’s on offer   +  a link to a website/email address for further information.

Note: Choosing a recipient in the form brings up a short description of the responsibilities of that person.

Contact form – members

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