OPW announces new traffic control measures at Glendalough Visitor Centre

The Office of Public Works (OPW) today (31 May 2016) announced that it will shortly begin implementing new traffic control measures at the popular Glendalough Visitor Centre in Laragh Co. Wicklow in an effort to alleviate some of the difficulties that have arisen from the popularity of the site and the surrounding area.

The Glendalough Visitor Centre, which has been open since the late 1980’s, provides a range of services to those wishing to visit the famous Monastic site and the adjoining National Park lands and is extremely popular with visitors, particularly during the Summer. However, it has become apparent in recent years that the facilities at Glendalough are under huge pressure from traffic and this is leading to a number of problems at the site.

Because of the popularity of the area with visitors, there are considerable traffic congestion problems locally in Laragh generally which are preventing people who want to gain access to the Glendalough Visitor Centre. Often, visitors to the Centre cannot get into the carpark because it is full from early morning. Additionally, there has in recent years been a very significant problem with car break-ins as thieves seek to exploit the large numbers of tourists and, without adequate supervision, vehicles in the Glendalough Centre facility remain vulnerable to the threat from thieves.

Apart from the considerable disruption and discomfort the traffic congestion causes to visitors and locals, there are very real risks to safety, as visitors to the Centre frequently have to make their way to the Glendalough Visitor Centre by walking in the roadway outside illegally parked cars. There have also been a number of worrying incidents where emergency vehicles have been unable to access the Centre because of traffic congestion and abandoned cars. It is essential, therefore, that these measures are implemented in order to avoid a serious incident in the future.

The OPW carpark at the Glendalough site will therefore, beginning on Saturday 4th June next, attract a weekend (Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holiday Mondays) charge of €4 per car, €25 per bus and €15 for minibuses and camper vans. This charge will be refundable to Visitors wishing to visit the Visitor Centre and Monastic site and the income will be used to offset the costs of traffic control and security measures which are necessary at these peak times.

The Office of Public Works requests visitors intending to come to Glendalough to assist by:

  • Using public transport options / bicycles where suitable
  • Car pooling with friends
  • Parking in designated areas only and obeying requests from carpark staff
  • Not parking illegally on public roads where their vehicles will cause an obstruction to other users and may be ticketed / clamped.

The aim of these measures will be to facilitate visitors wanting to enjoy the Glendalough Visitor Centre without having to endure thefts from their vehicles, difficult and unsafe traffic congestion and to ensure that priority vehicles such as emergency service vehicles can access the Village and the Centre at all times.

Advertisements will be in national and local media tomorrow and the new arrangements will commence with effect from the upcoming Bank Holiday Weekend on Saturday 4th June next and will run to Sunday 4th September.


For further information, please contact Colette Davis, OPW Press Officer at 087 947 5552

Notes to Editors:

Charges at OPW Glendalough Visitor Centre Car Park will be as follows: €4 per day per car; €25 for buses and €15 for minibuses with less than 20 seats and camper vans.

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