Registration and payment for associate membership

The form below may only be used to register the membership details for  who is currently logged in – anyone else wishing to register should first  logout before logging in with their own Username/Password.

Enter your full postal address written in the usual way with initial capital letters, then small letters and include your Eircode.
If you don’t know your Eircode here is a useful link to Eircode finder.

At the bottom of the form you can pay your membership subscription by credit or debit card.

After you have filled in the details on the form, especially the required fields marked with an asterisk, including your card details, press submit to send on the completed form and make the payment.

Note : After you submit the correctly completed form the transaction takes some seconds to process.  Do not hit SUBMIT again.   Wait for the confirmation message.
However if this has not happened after 20-30 seconds you may assume that it has not gone through and it is OK to click again. Should you not get a clear confirmation, please contact the New Member Secretary.

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