While we are taking on new members in 2020, unfortunately we have recently received a large number of applications and are currently processing these. For the present we are closed for further applications.

The surge in interest in hill-walking in recent years has seen a corresponding increase in our membership. While this is very welcome, there is a limit to the numbers we can accommodate on our hikes at all grades at any point in time. (Details of our grades and the levels at which they are walked can be found on our About our hikes / hill walks page.) As a result, recruitment of new members has been restricted in recent years.

We will be open again at some point in the future for new recruitment, so check back to this page from time to time if you are still interested in joining the Irish Ramblers.

We do not keep a list of those waiting to join.  The website of Mountaineering Ireland contains a comprehensive list of hiking clubs in Dublin and all of Ireland: https://www.mountaineering.ie/

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