About the Irish Ramblers Club

The Irish Ramblers Club organises hikes every Sunday, Thursday and every second Saturday in the Dublin/Wicklow Mountains and arranges trips to mountain ranges in Ireland, the UK and abroad during the year.

Our motto To explore, enjoy and protect our beautiful countryside.

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Who are the Ramblers ?

The Irish Ramblers Club is a hiking/hillwalking club based in the Dublin area. We organise a programme of day-long hikes, primarily in the mountains of Co. Wicklow. The Club was founded in 1964, and has organised over 50 years of successful hiking and hillwalking.

About our hikes/hillwalks

Hikes are organised by the Irish Ramblers' Club on Sundays, Thursdays, every second Saturday and (during the summer months) on Wednesday evenings. The hikes are organised to suit different levels, and are divided into different grades. Each hike has an associated leader.
To find more about the levels of the hikes we organise, please press the button.

Hiking Requirements

Fitness levels required and Necessary Equipment

Members of the IRC have many and varied levels of fitness, and can pick levels of hikes which suit that fitness. As far as equipment is concerned, there is a certain minimum requirement for our country's hiking conditions.

Joining the Ramblers

How to join the Irish Ramblers Club

Do come along and try one of our free introductory hikes. It will be an enjoyable experience-the beginning of many such experiences.
Get out and Explore, Enjoy and Protect our Beautiful Mountains.

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