The Irish Ramblers’ Club was founded in 1964 by a small group of like-minded young people who enjoyed hiking and hillwalking. Over the course of its 50 years of existence, it has thrived and grown into a large club of more than 700 members.

Every Sunday we have six different day long hikes, each with its own allocated leader, which are divided into six grades.
The fittest grade typically covers about 20km and climbs several mountains to accumulate a height gain of about 1000m while the gentlest walk would be about 9km in length and 250m in height gained
Members decide at what grade they will hike on any particular day depending on their level of fitness and stamina.

These grades are explained, in detail, on the About our hikes/hillwalks page where you will also find information about our weekly hikes on Thursdays and twice monthly hikes on Saturdays.
In the summer there are also enjoyable strolls on Wednesday evenings.

Members will receive all the necessary information about planned hikes through the club’s monthly newsletter The Rambler.
Any changes to these hikes will be posted on the Hiking Calendar in the Members Area of this website.

As well as day-long hikes in counties Dublin and Wicklow, the club organises away days when we walk further afield in places such as the Mourne Mountains.
A number of training days/weekends take place through the year..

Longer trips, both throughout Ireland and also in Europe, are organised from time to time, and these have proved to be highly popular among our members.

But it’s not all outdoor fun. The Ramblers are very sociable and often enjoy getting together for a meal after the day’s hiking. The location of the after hike meal will be notified to all members through our newsletter The Rambler.

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