Below you will find links to two email addresses which will allow you to contact the correct person for any query that you may have.

Just click on the address and this should open your email program with the correct recipient. Fill in the Subject field suitably, type your message giving as much detail as you can and the send the email.

Enquiries about membership

If you haven’t already done so please read about us by looking at the Who are we ? page.
If you then think you might be interested in joining you can find further information about our introductory walks, including dates for the next ones, on the
How to join page.
Please use the form on that page if you decide that you’d like to join an introductory hike. This form also allows you to submit an enquiry.

If you still have a query which has not been answered in these two pages then please contact [email protected]

General queries

For any matter not covered above contact [email protected]

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