In order to join the Irish Ramblers’ Club, you must:

  • Firstly,  participate in one of our free introductory hikes – see below.
  • If, after you complete the introductory hike, you wish to continue with your application, you should register an interest to join with our Associate Members Secretary, Geraldine Cleary. You will then complete the application forms and pay €45 annual membership fee on our website.
  •  You will also complete a navigational training course, known as Mountaineering Skills, Level 1 (MS1) course within the same year.

Introductory hikes

The purpose of these hikes is to introduce participants to the joy of hill walking. Those who satisfactorily complete an introductory hike may apply to become an Associate Member of the club.

At the moment we have a moratorium on all recruiting except for those willing to hike at the Grades 1, 2 and 3+ levels 

Hike level Description of typical hike Next hike
Grade 3+
15 – 18km 700 – 900m 5 hours                                       


1 20 – 22km over 1000m more than 5 hours
2 18 – 20km 800 – 1000m more than 5 hours

As an Associate Member you will be required to undertake a prescribed number of club hikes and MS1 Mountain Skills course within the same period. On completion of these you will qualify to become a Full Member.

You can express an interest and/or apply to join an introductory hike here. This will open up an application form. If you fill in the necessary details you will be contacted by e-mail in the next few days.

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