Help logging in

Here is a quick summary – for more information scroll down.

It is very helpful, if not essential, to have a printed version to hand when you are following instructions. Here are links to two PDF guides which you can view and then download or print.
The first gives you information about Logging in and the other about Changing your password

Further information
If you have difficulty following the instructions in these guides you will need to find someone with a bit more confidence and experience to sit down with you to help while you try again. This person might be a work colleague, a fellow Rambler who lives nearby, a family member, a neighbour or  a neighbour’s child.

There are two slightly different looking log-in windows as shown below.
The one the left appears if you are given a link to the Members Area  or if you type  into your browser’s address bar.
The other appears if you type into the address bar and then click on members login/out in the top right corner.

Two logins










Each individual member of the Ramblers must have their own email address and access to emails sent to that address. This email address becomes the member’s unique Username
To access the Members Area each member must also have a Password to log in.

If the log-in window shows your Username and a series of dots in the Password field [each dot represents a hidden character] this means that your log-in details have been saved by your browser.
You can easily see if your username is correct but it’s possible that the password which has been saved is not correct because you have changed it recently.
Click on Log in to find out.

If a log-in error occurs then start again and this time type in your password. Before doing so make sure that the Password field is empty, i.e. no dots, by using the Delete/Backspace keys first
If you don’t do this then whatever you type will be tacked on to the [incorrect] password. It should not come as a surprise when this is rejected once again.

If at this stage your password is still rejected then it will need to be changed. This process is described in the PDF guide whose link is given above.
It is important to realise that as soon as you get the message Your password has been reset then that’s it – you’ve done it ! There’s no point in making any further change of password !






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