It is important that Ramblers choose a hike that is suitable to their level of fitness.  It has been found that it is better to hike at a level lower than your fitness level than above — hiking at a level above your fitness level is not a pleasant experience, and could lead to losing your enthusiasm for hiking.

New members should start at a hiking level below their fitness level.  If it becomes apparent that the hiking level is much too low, it’s easy to move to a higher level.

Hiking equipment

There is a small number of items which are very necessary to enable you to safely enjoy the hiking experience:

  • Boots.  It is essential to wear a sturdy pair of boots.  Most people find that leather boots are the ones most suitable for the peat hags, and bogs encountered on our hikes in Wicklow.  Use of flimsy footwear, such as runners, is not recommended and can make the wearer more prone to injury of the ankles or other parts of the leg.  A good pair of hiking socks is also a necessity.
  • Hiking jacket.  It is necessary to have a reasonable quality hiking jacket, which is waterproof and breathable.
  • Back Pack. Is necessary to carry the various items you will need on a hike, such as extra clothing, food and water, etc.


    Denim jeans are unsuitable for hillwalking


These are the items which are needed more or less straight away.

Other items, such as waterproof over-trousers, micro-fleece, and navigation equipment, such as compass and maps, can be added over time when you have decided that hiking is definitely for you!!

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