The Ramblers’ hike programme and Covid-19

Update 20 October 2020:  Due to the new Government restrictions introduced as the country moves to Level 5 of the National Framework for living with Covid-19, all club hiking activities, including the Interim Hikes arrangements offered on this website, are suspended until further notice.

Any change will be posted here when available.

With effect from Tuesday 15th September 2020 the club suspended the regular hiking programme until further notice. Pre-booked hikes for a maximum of 10 persons were permitted using the Interim Hikes Forum facility. That facility is now withdrawn for the time being.

Using the Interim Hikes Forum

As Ireland follows Government advice on the fight against Covid-19, the Irish Ramblers Club will adapt its regular hiking programme to the current realities. For periods when our hiking programme is curtailed, arrangements will be in place to facilitate interim hikes for limited numbers of walkers that respect the current restrictions and guidelines.

In the Forums section on the Members Area of the club’s website a separate forum has been created entitled Covid-19 Interim Hikes. Under this general heading, there are number of sub-forums for the various grades. A topic can be created to represent a hike and potential participants can use the reply box to request to join. Leaders will set up their own topic and invite replies.

Guidelines for leaders on setting up an interim hike: Forumguideleaders-200920

Guidelines for participants to join an interim hike: Forumguideparticipants-200920

Link to the Covid-19 Interim Hikes forum pageInterimCovid19hikes

Purpose and objectives of interim hikes

The aim is to offer hikes that are safe in the current circumstances, within current guidelines and give members who are unable to make independent arrangements an opportunity to maintain their walking in advance of the resumption of the club’s regular hike programmes.

It means having limited numbers on the hike, avoiding car-sharing, observing social distancing, staying outdoors, not sharing equipment or food, having face coverings to wear for when space restrictions are encountered, having hand sanitiser to keep hands clean

It means ensuring that walkers are clear that they are responsible for their own safety and have an obligation to others to follow safe practices.

There will be no car security service.

Agreeing to lead a hike

Prospective leaders are free to volunteer and the facility on the web site enables a fairly free hand in terms of date, start time, location, duration and number of hikers participating subject to the current restrictions. In order to avoid confusion and to ensure a consistent adherence to the guidelines, volunteering leaders should ideally consult with their grade coordinator in advance.

Step-by-step instructions for setting up a hike are provided in the link above. Take care to monitor replies and when appropriate put in your own reply to say the hike is full. Keep a list of those who participate on your hike.

Safety guidelines

Your participation on an interim hike is subject to your acceptance that you are responsible for your own safety in regard to Covid-19. You also have an obligation to the other walkers not to put them in jeopardy. It means maintaining the social distance guidelines published by the Government, practicing good cough etiquette, not car-sharing, avoiding touching items that are not yours and having with you a face covering and hand sanitiser. It is a walker’s responsibility to insist that others maintain their social distance from them..


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